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Syrian Army Controls Several Areas in Hama, Latakia Turkish Police Detain ’ISIL sympathizers’ after Student Protest Pentagon Says Airstrikes ’Not Enough’ to Eradicate ISIL Netanyahu Complains to Ban: Gaza War Probe “One-Sided” Twin Car Bombs in Homs Kill 18, Most School Students Knesset Member Slams Netanyahu’s Speech at UN Egypt Offers Military Training to Libya pro-Government Forces Fierce Battles between Kurds, ISIL in Syria Border Town Iran Won’t Spare Any Effort to Provide Lebanese Army with Every Possible Aid US Warship Heads to Persian Gulf in Mission against ISIL in Iraq, Syria Trains Collide in Northern India Leave 12 Dead 13 Killed As Car Bombs Went on in Baghdad Saudis Attend Funeral of Human Rights Activist Killed by Regime Forces Shell-Shocked Syrian Town Freed After Savage Massacre, 291 Days of ‘Islamic Justice’ Twin Suicide Attack on Afghan Army Buses Kill 7
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