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Qatar Says Dispute with Gulf Neighbors ’Over’ First Parliamentary Vote Fails to Elect New President for Lebanon Syrian MP Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar Announces Candidacy for President Pakistan Court Adjourns Musharraf Travel Ban Application Lavrov: If Russian Troops Attacked, We’ll Respond Ukraine Renews Anti-Separatism Offensive, US Troops Head to Poland Syrian Warplane Raids Arsal as Three Rockets Fall on Labweh, Nabi Othman OPCW: Syria Handed over 86% of Chemical Weapons Mortar, Gunfire Attacks on Rural Damascus Injure 4 Civilians Cairo Bomb Attack Kills Police Brigadier General Haniyeh Calls for Ending Palestinian Rift Malaysia Plane May Have Landed Safely: Sources Lebanon Braces for Parliamentary Session to Elect President Saudi Health Minister Replaced amid Virus Outbreak 8 Killed in Pakistan Militant Attacks
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13:01 | 2014/04/23Latest Developments
16:48At least 37 killed in train crash in DR Congo: official
16:38Haniyeh announces finalizing an agreement between the Palestinian factions, adding that President Abbas started consultations to form a national unity cabinet within 5 weeks
15:47Turkey's Erdogan says WWI massacre of Armenians 'shared pain'
13:51A rocket falls between the earstern Bekaa towns of Britel and Taybeh from Arsal outskirts, causes only material damages
13:01Obama lands in Tokyo to launch Asia tour: AFP
12:19 | 2014/04/23Lebanon Presidential Elections
12:54Second Parliamentary session to elect the Lebanese President set for April 30, 2014
12:49Geagea victims named in the first session were Rashid Karami, former Lebanese PM, Dani Shamoun, head of Ahrar movement and Jihan Toni Franjieh, son-daughter of the late President Sleiman Franjieh
12:47First session of the Presidential election witnessed three ballots naming Geagea victims during the Lebanese civil war
12:45First session of the Lebanese Parliament ends up with 52 blank ballots, 16 votes for the candidate Henri Helo and 48 votes for the canditate Samir Geagea
12:34The MPs who failed to attend the session are Saad Hariri, Oqab Saqr, Elie Aoun and Khaled al-Daher
12:20124 MPs out of 128 attend the first session
12:20Members of Lebanese Parliament cast their ballots
12:19First round of electing the new Lebanese President kicks off
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