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Former Minister, MP Elias Skaff Dies at 67 Bahraini Forces Take down “Ashura” Flags, Banners In Syria: Army Recaptures Hama Village, Russia Strikes 55 ISIL Targets Jordan Parliament Slams Zionist Entity for ‘State Terrorism’ Zionist Police Kill Palestinian Teen in Jerusalem after Alleged Stabbing Larijani: Iran Consulted ahead of Russia’s Air Campaign in Syria Imam Khamenei Condoles over IRGC Cmdr. Martyrdom in Syria Dozens Killed in Twin Blast in Turkey’s Capital ahead of Peace Rally Yemeni Army, Committees Down Saudi Spy Drone in Saada Russian Air Force Hit 60 Terrorist Targets in New Syria Strikes IOF Kills Six Palestinians in Clashes on Gaza Border Foreign Data Shows 1,358 Died in Hajj Disaster Yemeni Army Spokesman: More Surprises Awaiting Saudi Aggressors Pentagon Scaling back Training Program of Syria Rebels Germany, Spain Urge US, Russia to Cooperate on Syria
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