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Hezbollah Voices Full Support for Speaker Berri’s Dialogue Initiative Syrian Army, Hezbollah Make Big Gains in Zabadani Lebanese Environment Minister Quits Trash Committee Afghan Taliban Admits Covering up Mullah Omar’s Death Israeli Soldier Barred from Detaining Palestinian Boy Turkey to Offer Rewards for ’Denouncing Terrorists’ ISIL Burns Four Iraqi Fighters Alive Speaker Berri Launches Initiative for Political Dialogue ISIL Detains 230 Iraqis over Anbar Protest ISIL Destroys Part of Palmyra Historic Temple Police Finds Bomb-Making Materials in Second Bangkok Flat Central Africa Limits President to Two Terms Afghan Forces Retake Key District Center from Taliban Occupation Authorities Prevent Palestinians to Access Al-Aqsa Mosque ISIL Executes over 90 People in Month in Syria
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