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LAF Arrests Eight Lebanese, Six Syrians in Tripoli Bahraini Regime Assaults Religious Symbols of Ashura Friday of Rage in Palestine in Support of Al-Aqsa Protesters Demand Leader’s Resignation in Burkina Faso Russia, Ukraine Agree on Gas Deal till March 2015 Precious-Gold Down, Silver at 4-Year Low on Strong Dollar, Equities China Hosts Summit on Rebuilding Afghanistan Gunmen Kill Yemeni Police Officer, Soldier “Unprecedented” Number of Jihadists Flocking to Iraq, Syria: UN report Turkey: 18 Miners Trapped in Flooded Mine Hamas Hails Swedish Recognition of Palestinian State IOF Reopens Al-Aqsa Mosque, Imposes Restrictions Lebanon: Terrorist Ahmad Mikati Handed over to Military Judiciary Top US General Favors Military Advisers in Western Iraq Hezbollah Hails Heroic Palestinian Operation against Extremist Zionist Rabbi
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