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Araqchi Denies Any Deal on Arak, Fordu Nuclear Facilities CIA Apologizes for Spying on Senate Computers Occupation Army Says 5 Soldiers Killed in Gaza 72-Hour Truce Starts in Gaza Bolivia Declares Israel ‘Terrorist State’, Renounces Visa Exemption Agreement Gaza Doctors Say Besieged Strip Faces Serious Crisis Yemen Repatriates 8 Saudi Qaeda suspects UN Rights Chief: Israeli Attacks in Gaza “Deliberate Defiance” of Int’l Law Netanyahu Claims Israel Will Destroy Gaza Tunnels with or without Ceasefire Zionist Entity Calls up More Reservists, Offensive Death Toll Exceeds 1360 US Resupplies Israel with More Munitions to Commit Massacres in Gaza Israeli Army Releases Leb. Shepherd, General Security Receives Him from UNIFIL Suleimani: Disarming Palestinian Resistance ’Daydream’ Syrian Army Strikes Terrorists across Country, Terrorist Blast Targets Homs Lebanese Army Apprehends 8 Syrians Suspected of Belonging to Nusra Group
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