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Erdogan: U.S. Weapons Airdrop to Kobani ’Wrong’ ISIL Terrorists Using Chemical Weapons in Kobani Israeli Police Storms Homes, Clashes with Palestinians in East Jerusalem Bomb outside Cairo University Wounds Nine Two Baghdad Car Bombs Kill 28 Saudi Jails 14 for Plans to Attack US Forces in Qatar Syria Kurds Weather ISIL Assault, Await Reinforcements Bahraini ISIL Terrorist Killed in Deir Ezour Zionist Policeman Kills Palestinian, Claiming His Car Collided with Rail Station Press TV Reporter Laid to Rest in Lebanon Three Teenage Colorado Girls Caught Trying to Join ISIL 2 Israeli Soldiers Wounded by Gunfire at Palestinian-Egyptian Protests Canada Raises ‘Terrorism’ Alert after Soldier Killed Iran, World Powers Start Expert-level Nuclear Talks At Least Five Britons Join ISIL Weekly
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Do you expect an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program before the November 24 deadline?
Turkey’s stance towards ISIL attack on Kobani reflects:
Strong links with the terrorist organization
Desire to make the city a gateway for intervention in Syria and the region
Will in weakening the Kurds
All of the above
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Press TV Reporter Laid to Rest in Lebanon
Al-Manar TV, Website Gain First Ranks in Ghadir Int’l Media Festival
Lebanese Army Arrests Ahmad Houjeiri, Other Terrorists in Different Areas
Lebanon Defense Minister Heads to Tehran, Military Aid on Table
Cache of Weapons Seized in Khartoum, Southern Lebanon
Lebanon News Lebanon News

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