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Lebanese Army: Israeli Enemy Crossed Blue Line, Abducted Two Shepherds Syria: Army Makes More Gains in Continued anti-Terrorism Operations Dozens of Civilians Wounded in S. Sudan Camp Attack: UN Putin Congratulates Assad on Independence Day Ukraine Imposes Harsh Entrance Restrictions on Adult Russian Males Tunisian Diplomat Kidnapped in Libya Magnitude 5.3 Earthquake Hits Southern Iran Voting Starts in Algeria Presidential Election Iraq Policeman Dies Shielding Recruits, Attacks Kill 21 Israeli Army Abducts 2 Lebanese Shepherds from Shebaa Putin Slams Kiev Operation in Ukraineís East, Hopes Wonít Send Russian Troops 18 Percent of Mercenaries in Syria Are UK Citizens: Report As Bombs Fall, People of Damascus Rally round Bashar Al-Assad The Death of Yarmouk Palestinian Camp Behind the Scenes: More than 300 Takfiris Killed Last Week in Qalamoun, Meliha
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Security challenge in Iraq:
Will lead to the postponement of parliamentary elections
Will be restricted to some areas
Will not have an impact on elections
13:13 - 2014-04-17 Latest Developments
17/04/2014 20:32Turkish parliament approves law expanding secret services: TV
17/04/2014 20:31 Russia has 'no desire' to send troops into Ukraine: Lavrov
17/04/2014 20:31The Israeli enemy will release the two Lebanese shepherds in an hour, Al-Manar reporter
17/04/2014 18:27Dozens of civilians, two UN peacekeepers wounded in S.Sudan camp attack: UN
17/04/2014 18:21A huge explosion stormed area of Karrada in Baghdad, Al-Manar reporter
17/04/2014 16:42Ukraine bans entry for all Russian males aged 16-60
17/04/2014 16:21Tunisian diplomat kidnapped in Libyan capital: security source
17/04/2014 15:34Several wounded as gunmen attack civilians in S.Sudan UN base
17/04/2014 15:34 Snowden asks Putin question on surveillance in phone-in
17/04/2014 15:00EU agrees to talks with Russia on Ukraine gas supply: Barroso
17/04/2014 13:16Turkey may clinch bid to dismantle Italy shipwreck
17/04/2014 13:16China says massive area of its soil polluted
17/04/2014 13:15Algeria's ailing Bouteflika votes in wheelchair: TV
17/04/2014 13:15South Sudan army battles rebels in key oil-state
17/04/2014 13:14Putin 'very much hopes' will not have to use army in Ukraine
17/04/2014 13:14Militants kill 12 soldiers in north Iraq: police
17/04/2014 13:13Malaysia warns of 'huge' cost in MH370 search


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