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ISIL Group a Danger to All Regional States, Says Tunisia Foreign Minister Davutoglu to Be New Turkey PM Hezbollah Condemns Crime of Murdering US Journalist Foley Hezbollah Offers Blessings for Martyrdom of Palestinian Resistance Commanders US Aircraft Launches New Strikes against “IS” in Northern Iraq Unprecedented Massive Crowds in Yemen’s Saada, President Threatens Protestors 78 People Arrested in Ferguson Protests after Second Police Shooting Hollande: France Armed Syria Terrorists ’a Few Months Ago’ Foley Beheading ’Crime’ against Islam’s Principles: Qatar Indonesian Policemen Fire Tear Gas to Disperse Protesters over Last Month’s Poll Russia Denies Ukraine’s Reports on "Captured Infantry Fighting Vehicle" GCC Mulls Imposing Sanctions on Qatar, to Meet Sunday IAEA Confirms Iran Commitment to Nuclear Deal Iran Urges IAEA to Prevent Politicization of Iran Nuclear talks Israeli Strikes on Gaza Kill Resistance Commanders, Civilians
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Facing the danger of “ISIL” expansion in the region through:
Asking for foreign interference
Uniting of internal forces


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