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Obama: Russia Not Abiding by Geneva Agreement on Ukraine Bomb Kills Three including Police Official in Pakistan’s Krachi Assad: Clergymen Have Pivotal Role in Consolidating True Concepts Syria: Holding Presidential Elections on Schedule ’National Sovereign ’Decision’ Palestinian Unity Pact and Peace Talks Compatible: Abbas Maliki: Participation in Elections Curbs State’s Enemies Forced to Leave Manama, Sheikh Najati Arrived in Beirut Bomb Targets Iraq Minister’s Convoy As Attacks Kill 13 Militant Groups in Syria Launch Four Rockets onto Eastern Baalbek Egypt FM Heads to US as Helicopter Delivery Freeze Lifted Qatar Says Dispute with Gulf Neighbors ’Over’ First Parliamentary Vote Fails to Elect New President for Lebanon Syrian MP Maher Abdul-Hafiz Hajjar Announces Candidacy for President Pakistan Court Adjourns Musharraf Travel Ban Application Lavrov: If Russian Troops Attacked, We’ll Respond
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Security challenge in Iraq:
Will lead to the postponement of parliamentary elections
Will be restricted to some areas
Will not have an impact on elections


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