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Lebanon: Arsal Blast Leaves Two Army Martyrs France Carries out First Anti-ISIL Strike in Iraq LA Arrests 3 Syrians, One Admits of Being Involved in Soldier Beheading Scotland Says “No” to Independence Bahrain Releases Rights Activist Mariam Khawaja, Imposes Travel Ban Congress Gives Final Approval to Obama’s plan to Aid Militants in Syria Israeli Intelligence: ISIL Daily Income Reaches ’$6 Million’ Syrian ‘Opposition’ Leader in Tel Aviv: Israel Healing Us Night Blasts, Bombings Claims 20 Martyrs in Northern Baghdad French President Hollande Says Iraq Airstrikes to Begin ‘Soon’ US Targets ISIL Training Camp in Iraq for First Time Two Correspondence Channels between US and Syria over Striking ISIL Turkey Embraces ISIL, Its FM Says War Must Be against Assad Regime PKK Calls on Turkey’s Kurds to Fight ISIL in Syria Terrorism Knocks Europe’s Doors, Syrian Army to Advance Remarkably Soon
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12:02 | 2014/09/19Latest developments
12:35Security sources to al-Manar: IED hits Lebanese army vehicle in eastern Arsal
12:04French media: France strikes ISIL posts in Iraq for first time
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