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UN Says Executions a ‘Common Spectacle’ in ISIL-controlled Syria Turkey Ruling Party Meets to Confirm Davutolgu as PM Russia, Kiev Agree on Sending Aid to Ukraine with Red Cross ISIL Demands $6.6 Million Ransom for American Woman Held Hostage Qatar Offers to Help Rebuild Gaza Iran: Resistance in Gaza Brought Israel to its Knees Hezbollah: Gaza Victory Attained by Resistance, "Prelude to More Key Triumphs" Islamic Jihad Chief: Gaza Battle Prepares for Mother of Battles, No Bet on Talks Zionist Politicians, Settlers Ask Netanyahu to Step down after Gaza Defeat Syria Warplanes Strike ISIL Sites in Deir Ezour, Army Operates across Country Concluding Permanent Ceasefire Culminates Resistance Victory in Gaza Lavrov: Using Rhetoric of Sanctions, Warnings to Address Russia "Unacceptable" Israel Likely Used Regional State Bases to Fly Drone: IRGC Commander U.S. Works on New Ceasefire Draft for Gaza US Spy Planes Fly over Syria to Prepare Airstrikes against ISIL
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