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Egypt Says íNew Suez Canalí Ready for Business Israeli Drone Strike Kills 3 Popular Fighters in Syriaís Quneitra Ukraine Claims Capture of Another Russian Soldier Car Bombing near Hospital in Yemen Capital Israeli PM Approves 300 Settler Homes in Occupied West Bank France Sends 120 Extra Police to Secure Eurotunnel Saudi Policeman Killed, 2 Hurt in Attack Iranian President Receives French FM Nigeria Clash Kills 11 Extremists, Three Militiamen Yemen: Saudi Strikes on Residence Apparent War Crime Syrian Army Controls Hasakah Completely Hezbollah Jihadi Commander: Iím Either Martyr or Holder of Victory Flag Yemeni Army, PC Destroy Saudi Bases in Jizan As Ansarullah Gains more Support Kuwait Urges Saudi to Resume Output at Disputed Oil Field NATO Stands with Turkey in Face of ISIL, Kurdish Fighters
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